Zambia Project

Zambia Project

bagsHealth Careers Class Reaches out to Students in Zambia

Members of the Health Careers program at RTCC are using their Senior Tech Project to reach out to teenagers in Zambia by creating personal hygiene bags and raising $200 to donate to the Sew Powerful organization in that country.

Each student has been assigned an important part of the project, including fundraising, blogging, and researching. Each job requires multiple hours of work in and outside of school and everyone, regardless of their assigned job, will cross train in the other responsibilities. Each student will also learn to sew, and create at least one bag.

According to class member Lindsey Pecor, the class chose this project because they felt, as Americans, we take for granted how lucky we are to do simple things like go to school and have access to personal hygiene products. For young women in Zambia, it isn’t so easy. They are lucky to be able to attend school, but for an entire week every month they cannot attend school because of their menstrual cycles. Because of this, their grades drop. Something as simple and natural as this can act as a barrier to a female students accessing a complete education.

"On average," she said, "boys in Zambia score about 83% on their tests while the girls score 10% less than that. By making these bags and sending them to Zambia, the girls will be able to carry homemade pads to school with them. By helping the girls attend school the, entire community will benefit. The women will be able to pass their knowledge and skills on to future generations, earn the community more money by getting jobs, and overall improving the quality of life in Zambia. We believe this project will help the global community, and a huge bonus to us is that by helping young women on another continent we are fortunate to be learning a wealth of information about project management, teamwork, and the importance of every role of all team members."

Here are just some of the things we’ll learn as we complete this project:

1.     We will all learn how to sew.
2.     We are all learning team-building skills.
3.     We are learning project management skills.
4.     We will be learning about culture diversity.
5.     All of us are learning to improve our organization skills.
6.     We are learning how to give back to the global community in different ways.
7.     All of us are learning the roles of team members and how those roles work together.
8.     We are learning how to manage our time wisely.  
9.     We are learning how even the smallest action can make a big impact in the world.
10.  We will learn from each other.
11.  We are learning effective communication skills.
12.  We are also learning the aspects of conflict resolution.