Directors Acknowledgments - May, 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians of RTCC Students:

The end of the school year is near, the sun is shining, and we are getting ready to celebrate our seniors who are leaving for post-secondary education or working in the field they have studied as well as getting ready for next year.  We are surrounded with the successes of our students and teachers and often need to remind ourselves of all the positive learning accomplishments that have transpired over the school year. In the last few weeks ahead we will have time to recognize the academic accomplishments, the relationships we have built, and we look forward to building new ones. One of the greatest lessons I have ever learned is “don’t stand still,” keep changing or adapting to make life better.

Please be sure to checkout the 4th quarter update from each of our programs in the “documents box” to the left; as well as the impressive list of community partners who so willingly and generously give of their time and expertise to our students.

To experience a celebration in the truest sense of the word, please come to our annual Recognition Night.  This year’s ceremony will be held at 7:00 on Thursday, June 14th in the tent behind the school.  The purpose of Recognition Night is to acknowledge the successful completion of a student’s technical program. To this end, students who receive a passing grade for the average of two semesters in their technical program will receive a program certificate and be allowed to participate in the Recognition Night ceremony. Students who are enrolled for less than a full year will receive a “certificate of attendance” for participation in their program. Please plan to attend!

In the meantime, hear are a few updates:

  • Work Based Learning through end of 3rd Marking Period: Opportunity Fest 2018 will be on May 18th 2018; 53 Students have sampled careers with 55 different community partners totaling 7,698 hours; there have been 29 paid placements, 26 unpaid placements, and 47 job shadows for total of 102 placements
  • RTCC’s Open House is on May 10th, 2018.   A special thanks to Chef Ryan O’Malley who has done an incredible job leading and teaching the Culinary Arts class.  Students identified the menu, tested and revised recipes resulting in an incredibly wonderful presentation of refreshments. The focus of Open House is, as usual, on our students’ accomplishments and the presentation of their technical projects and the teachers and programs that make it all possible. Technical Projects are just one of the many aspects that make up our student’s learning experience. We also look to measure the number of IRC’s earned, work-based learning and placement rate at the end of the school year.
  • We start next year with over 135-140 students, which is just about our five year average. We as a center and staff have begun to outline a new recruitment strategy for next year, and are realizing that we need to reach out more to our sending schools. Next year we go from 7 sending schools to 4. Plus, we are adding Advanced Manufacturing in 2018!
  • This year, RTCC will send students to the DECA annual conference, an honor that was earned due to our winning the state competition (April 20-27th). RTCC will send four students to SKILLS USA National Competition in June, for winning States in Carpentry, Digital Film, and Diesel Technology.
  • Once again, every RTCC student will earn an Industry Recognized Certificate related to their program field. We are proud of our teachers who provide this opportunity and even more proud of our students who leave us with a skill recognized by the nation’s industries. These skills set our students apart from the competition, and prove they are college and career ready. Immediately after a student earns an IRC (Industry Recognized Certificate) and/or earns work based learning experience, he or she can expect to earn 18% more than their peers over the next two year period. Congratulations to Jason Finley, all our students who participated in “Co-ops”, teachers for their support and flexibility and, of course, our numerous business partners.
  • Our Health Career students will also begin their final exam by completing the LNA test. Over the past few months students have been completing clinical days as well as studying for the exam. We wish them the best as well. Automotive Technology students will begin the exam to become certified in Vehicle State Inspections. Best wishes to all of our students in their assessments.
  • Scholarship season has begun and our students are well represented. There will be many scholarships announced at our Recognition Night.

I’d like to take this time to thank the OSSD, OSSD Staff, RUHS and RTCC Boards for their support of RTCC and for providing the platform for our students to excel!  Thank you.

Keys to Success at Randolph Technical Career Center:

  • Attendance- It is vital students attend RTCC every day. We understand when a student is sick or may be late because of an appointment, but otherwise students need to be here with us all day. If a student is absent for 5 days, we are required to send a letter home, and may ask for a follow up meeting. If you have questions about attendance please refer to the Academic Chart/Student Handbook on our website or call the office at 802-728-9595.
  • Lunch Time- We are not an open campus and students are required to be in the cafeteria during lunch, regardless of age and adult status. Students can purchase lunch here or bring lunch but are not allowed to leave to purchase a meal. On our website, under the quick links is a tab to the RUHS Cafeteria Lunch Menus. Also on the RTCC Website towards the bottom left, is a link to the School Nutrition Program. You can purchase meals through the “My School Bucks” on line, just like your home schools.
  • All seniors will be required to complete a Technical Project and we need your support in helping students meet their deadlines.
  • All juniors will be required to complete a Career Portfolio and will receive a packet in detailing the requirements in September. Both Junior & Senior projects are a tool students can use after graduation to continue their career and or college placement.

Communication- Visit our Website

Our website includes information on every program, a calendar of events, Friday night dinner menus, and contact information for all staff, and our school handbook. We also list weekly announcements as well as acknowledge our students and staff weekly. You can also follow us on facebook to keep up with what happens here on a daily basis.

Jason Gingold, Director