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July 27, 2021

Dear OSSD Community,

We wanted to reach out to the community on what the fall may bring as the return to school approaches.  Some things are clear, and others are fairly murky at this in point in time with the hopes that clarity will come from the State by mid-August. 

Barring any extreme change in conditions or guidance to the contrary, the district will be in full session, five-days a week this fall.  The current State guidance (from June 14th) is that there are no longer COVID-19 restrictions or requirements for Vermont Schools to follow, though mask wearing is highly recommended for unvaccinated individuals.

In preparation for the return to school, the district will rewrite it’s COVID handbook that guides our operations in mid-August based upon the current guidance at that time.  That handbook will be available to all parents and the community once it is revised.

It’s been a busy a summer in the district with massive renovations happening across three of our schools:

  • RUHS Art’s classrooms are being renovated, the robotics/coding lab is now in place on the second floor, and classrooms are being moved to support a full middle school wing.
  • At RTCC, the classroom spaces for three programs are being expanded and redone: electrical, digital media, and the new dental assisting program.  Additionally, the classroom that serves the mechanical core has been renovated.
  • At Brookfield, the new well for the building is currently being drilled and the school will be drawing from a new water source in the fall.
    Our thanks go out to the facilities crew who have been instrumental in these good works.

The district is also moving forward on the academic front.  Despite remote and hybrid sessions last year, most of the district’s schools saw a significant rise in student performance on state testing.

The RUHS mathematics curriculum has been fully revamped this summer by the mathematics team and they have participated in further training to expand the benefits of the Carnegie math program adopted by the district.

The elementary team is moving forward on expanding its preschool program to offer free, full day preschool to four-year-old students. 

Curriculum development in science and STEM is occurring across the district and the innovation space at RUHS is expanding on a path to becoming a STEM academy.

These good works are happening because of the commitment and dedication of the district’s educators who are engaged in building a better future for our students.

The first day of School for students is Wednesday, September 1st.  Communications from the district will begin to ramp up in August, so please keep a look out and please update your contact information if anything has changed since last year.