Superintendent's Message

June 20, 2022

Dear OSSD Families,

I want to congratulate both the Class of 2022, who attended their graduation ceremony on Friday, and our RTCC students who attended their awards ceremony on Thursday.  All of you have many amazing things to be proud of, not the least of which was succeeding despite the adversity of the past few years.  Your achievements remind us of why we engage in this work, and we are extremely proud of your accomplishments.  Seniors, you have been a part of our lives for some time now, and you will be missed even though this is the way of things: growing up and moving on.

This is also a time to thank our staff, and by that, I mean all of our staff.  These past few years would not have been successful without your work and dedication: teaching, mentoring, feeding, counseling, cleaning, repairing, and effectively managing all the unique challenges that came our way.  We are still here, and we are still standing; it was your work that made that possible, and it allowed us to achieve our mission on behalf of the students under the most difficult of circumstances.

I ask the community to both congratulate our graduates and to take a moment to reach out to our staff, to thank them for their work, which held a part of the world together in trying times.

Layne Millington, Superintendent